08 MGTM231

MGTM Lawyers Associates set up "MGTM 231 TEAM" for preparation and updating of Company organizational management Models and control and for every legal advice or assistance service, related to the administrative liability of Entities and Companies as per Legislative Decree n.231 / 2001 as amended.

In "MGTM 231 TEAM" there are:

  • square blueLawyer Claudio Maruzzi, team coordinator,, food and area money laundering.
    square blueLawyer Carmelo Marcello, area Environment
    square blueLawyer Pasquale Longobucco, area transnational offences and immigration.
    square blueLawyer Giulia Gioachin, area job security.
  • square blueLawyer Donato la Muscatella, area cyber security, cyber crimes and privacy.
  • square blueLawyer Simona Totaro, area Public Sector offences and corporate crimes.

The Team employs experienced technical Consultants in specific areas as per Legislative Decree 231/01.