07 AreeAttivita
square blueEnvironment square greyUnjust detention and judicial error
square blueBuilding and Construction square greyUnreasonable length of the proceedings
square blueLaw and food safety square greyTrial review
square blueEnergy and electromagnetic pollution square greyGovernment compensation procedures for failure to implement EU Directives
square blueFrauds in trade square greyCriminal enforcement and surveillance
square greyHealthcare and life sciences square greyCriminology and Judicial psychology
square greyConsumers protection square greypsychology and psychiatry
square greyProfessional responsibilities square greyCorporate law
square blueInformation technology and privacy square blueBankruptcy and insolvency procedures
square blueHonour and reputation protection square blueUsury and mortgages
square bluePress and Internet square blueBanks and finance and insurance
square blueTelecommunications square blueFiscal offences
square greyReal estate and inheritance square blueExecutions securities and real estate
square greyContract agreements square blueLegislative Decree 231/2001, Organizational models and Supervisory Board
square greyCondominium ownership square blueMoney laundering
square greyLease and renting square blueCorporate security
square greyDamages recovery square bluejob security and hygiene
square greydebt recovery and collection square blueTax planning and accounting
square blueFamily and divorce proceedings square blueTax Appeals
square blueMinors, elderly and the disabled protection square greyCorruption and other crimes against the Public Sector
square blueGame addiction square blueTraffic and motor vehicle law
square blueAdministrative support and other protections of discomfort square greyAlcohol and drugs crimes
square blueCivil rights and the right to self-determination square greySexual crimes and child pornography
square blueLiving Will square greyProcess, media and rules
square blueImmigration square blueConduct codes and disciplinary procedures
square grey Prison law square blueinternational law
square greytrust square blueAlternative dispute resolution assistance
square greyPublic sector square blueIncoterms
square greyLitigation and arbitration